The organization Women’s Network “Qeliza” has enrolled five girls in the Internship Program

The organization Women’s Network “Qeliza” in Gjakovë, as a beneficiary of the sub-grant from the Kosovo Youth Participation – KYP project, has achieved to engage five girls in the three-month paid internship program in this municipality.

Through their project “EmpowerHER – Bridging Futures for Young Women in Digital Marketing” they have developed an internship program to improve the socio-economic position of young people aged 15-29 years and thus prepare them for the labor market.  Moreover, in the same project, they have implemented activities directly related to the professional development of young girls in the field of digital marketing, content creation, and other needed skills in this industry.

The beneficiaries of the internship program are positive that this experience will serve to increase their courage to apply for other jobs. Some business representatives expressed their readiness that with the development of the capacities of the interns from the internship program, they will have the opportunity to employ them with full commitment after the end of the internship program.

We invite you to get to know their experience during practical work in the period April-June 2024 in local businesses in Gjakova/Đakovica.

This is Rita Shehu, 21 years old she is currently studying at the Faculty of Public Health and has been engaged as an intern at the “K-Media Labs” Company in Gjakovë. She believes that with the lessons learned from the internship program, she will use them in the future in her engagements in digital marketing, as she sees an opportunity to promote the role of institutions through digital marketing.

Meet Kaltrina Sufaj, 22 years old, who is currently studying Digital Marketing. She is following the internship program at the “K-Media Labs Company” in Gjakova. She also said that engaging in internship programs enables her to reinforce the lessons in this field.

Erdona Misku is 23 years old and is currently engaged in the company “Priam Digital” in Gjakova. Her main commitment is content development, design adaptation, and editing. She is also studying the English language and considers that both of her choices are suitable for professional engagement in the future.

Elida Aliaga, 21 years old is attending the three-month internship program at the Company “” in Gjakova. During her internship, she is mainly engaged in market and competition research.

Albana Alija, 25 years old, is following the internship program at the “Joint Dots” company. She is mainly engaged in the development of designs and posters.

This activity is being implemented within the framework of the Kosovo Youth Participation – KYP project implemented by the CARE International office in Kosovo, with the financial support of the European Union (EU) office in Kosovo.