CARE Deutschland e.V. Office in Kosovo, within its project “Kosovo Youth Participation – KYP, financed by the European Union program Advancing the role of civil society for social justice, participation and human rights (EuropeAid/171380/DD/ACT/XK 11/2020-IPA 2019, Contract no. 2021/430-824)

Is looking to contract an external expert consultant, organisation or a company, to conduct a Business Plans Development training, to the young entrepreneurs – representatives of the youth led businesses/NGOs selected by the project.

Project information

Kosovo Youth Participation – KYP project is implemented by CARE, in partnership with NGO SHL – Kosova (SHL-K) and it seeks to contribute to the active inclusion of civil society in Kosovo in promoting democratic values, inclusive governance and achievement of human rights and fundamental freedoms. More specifically, the aims to foster democratic participation, civic engagement and social inclusion of different groups of marginalised youth, mainly from rural areas and small towns of Kosovo.

The following results/outputs are expected to be achieved by the project:

1) Increase the participation of disadvantaged youth in decision making, in local communities and on the central level, through:  capacity building/awareness raising on human rights and activism; mentoring of youth groups for inclusion in local and national decision-making processes; local youth actions to improve the position of disadvantaged youth.

2) Enhance the engagement and employability of marginalised youth, in particular young women, through skills development and involvement in volunteering initiatives. The activities will include information campaigns, trainings for employment skills development (raising of employability of youth through trainings, internship and supported youth entrepreneurial activities), support to volunteering among the disadvantaged youth from rural areas and smaller towns.

3) Foster Democratic dialogue across Kosovo youth, fostered through raised awareness on and promotion of gender equality, solidarity, inter-cultural relations and counter stereotypes and dis-information, by: awareness raising and facilitation of debates; peer exchange; involvement in ongoing youth-led discussions in Kosovo.

Purpose and objectives of the task

CARE International is looking for a Consultant(s)/ organisation/ company to undertake a participatory process of designing business plans for up to 40 representatives of around 20 youth led businesses selected by the project, on the basis of their initial business ideas. The capacity building will be provided for youth interested in the development of their businesses (not start-ups!) from the target municipalities: Deçan/Dečani, Fushë Kosova/Kosovo Polje, Junik/Junik, Gjakova/Đakovica, Peja/Peć, Rahovec/Orahovac, Obiliq/Obilić, and Suharekë/Suva Reka.

The main tasks of the consultancy will be to:

  • Examine the business ideas (business applications) of the short-listed candidates and gather general information and data from Kosovo framework, relevant for the types of businesses suggested.
  • Conduct three-day business plans development trainings, for two groups of up to 20 participants – representatives of the youth led businesses/NGOs (the total of 6 training days, for the total of around 40 participants). The training will provide comprehensive support to the youth participants in creation of sustainable business plans for the development of their (existing) and/or to be registered start up-s and social enterprises. The trainings should be delivered in Albanian and the training logistics will be provided by the Project, including interpreters, where necessary for Serbian language.
  • Organise after-training online consultations with all participants in the total effective duration of 5 working days, over the period of two weeks. The consultations will aim at fine-tuning and finalisation of the business plans, incorporating data on business environment, market and competition, advertising and sales, internal capacity analysis, all individually collected by the participants upon the instructions from the training.

Scope of work

The following consultancy tasks are expected:

  • Review of the documentation and inputs relevant for the short listed applicants and the project, provided by CARE.
  • The initial meeting with the CARE project team to agree on a detailed work plan for the consultancy. The consultants will be expected to share the business plan modules.
  • Regularly consult with CARE’s Project Manager and Grants Officer during the entire consultancy and agree on the main points of work.
  • Conduct the participatory business plans development trainings for the youth led business representatives and/or NGOs.
  • Facilitate finetuning of the designed business plans through online mentoring/coaching of the participants that have attended the training.
  • Provide the training consultancy report to CARE Project Manager (in English 3-5 pages), including, as annexes, the evaluation of the business plans submitted by the participants and all materials used during the consultancy. The Consultant is required to make the daily work report in accordance with CARE Balkans policies (i.e. through daily time sheets, which will be provided by CARE) and include it into the final payment documents.
  • Hand-over to CARE entire original quantitative and qualitative data documentation generated for the purposes of the consultancy, upon the acceptance of the final outputs of the consultancy by CARE’s Project Manager and prior to the payment.


The Consultant will be engaged for the total max. of 15 consultancy days over the period 29 August – 27 September 2022 (depending from the round of trainings).

Application – Offer

The applications should be submitted in English via e-mail. Deadline for sending applications-offers: 14.08.2022.

The consultancy proposal should consist of the following:

  1. Consultant’s CV/portfolio, with references relevant for the required activity.
  1. Methodology and draft work plan for the consultancy.
  2. Consultancy financial offer in EUR, with a statement of confirming the required availability within the consultancy period. The financial offer should include a breakdown of costs in the budget part of the proposal-application and include different envisaged activities and types of costs (travel related costs should be included into the budget, if any). The financial offer should be presented in gross amount. The offered price/bid should include all costs of the consultancy, including taxes and related costs of the bidder (travel, meetings etc.). If the candidates are applying as a consultancy company, the financial offer should be presented VAT free.
  3. Certificate of business registration, fiscal number, VAT (in case of consultancy companies/organizations).
  4. Contact and identification details, with bank details (for individuals/company/organization).

Criteria for Selection of Best Offer

The contract will be awarded based on the assessment of both technical and financial proposal submitted by expert(s) consulting company, as well as on the quality and creativity of the Consultant‘s portfolio of previous work relevant for the current consultancy.

Interested parties are invited to submit their expression of interest/proposal, including a financial offer with the subject: “TRAINING FOR THE BUSINESS PLANS DEVELOPMENT for the project Kosovo Youth Participation”, by 14 August 2022, via e-mail: care.kosovo@care.org

For any further information in regards to the guidelines and technical proposal, please contact the KYP Project Manager through: care.kosovo@care.org


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