Report on Mapping of the Needs of Disadvantaged Kosovo Youth

Mapping Project

Mapping of the needs of disadvantaged Kosovo youth in terms of their best involvement and all level participation in society as well as the regions to be included in the project have been identified in the first months of the project through a field research. This mapping will serve to form project activities in capacity building and mobilization of young people for higher participation in decision-making. Furthermore, more information has been provided on the level of young people’s knowledge on social participation, their general recognition of democratic issues, their notion of human rights, representation, advocacy, and activism. Moreover the mapping has gathered data on (un)employment rates among youth and their general engagement, training and capacity building needs (including the needs for trainings to enhance employability, soft skills for job search).

The final report was represented by UBO Consulting staff, Ms. Gjeneza Berisha on 12 April 2022 in Prishtina.