KYP project offered 6-month Paid Internship opportunities for 49 young people

Starting from May 2023 CARE International office in Kosovo within the Kosovo Youth Participation – KYP project has enrolled 49 young people in the Internship Program in local businesses within the Financial Support to Third Parties (FSTP) scheme.

The Internship Program as part of the FSTP scheme aimed to engage graduated students of high schools, colleges, or faculties coming from different educational backgrounds and place them in the corresponding business that matches with their future professional aspirations. Additionally, the 6-month internship has not only offered them a monthly reimbursement for their engagement, but they have also developed their skills for easier access to the job market.

Among these interns were students pursuing careers in law, accounting, UI/UX design, physiotherapy, and education. Each intern had a unique path, but they all had the same objective: to learn, develop, and make a significant impact in their respective disciplines. Despite economic obstacles, different interns at women-owned law firms have demonstrated dedication and development during their internships, leaving an indelible mark on their legal career goals.

In the legal industry, there were interns who stood out for their general administrative skills, which helped them learn more about the law, as well as imagine a successful future working in the field. Some interns with advanced Microsoft Office skills became an asset to the firm, boosting productivity and contributing to the community. There were also interns in the accounting industry who exemplified the development that was attained through practical experience by demonstrating dedication and potential. In the education sector, kindergarten assistants contributed to the development of the community by fostering a positive learning environment for young children.

This Internship Program was successful not only because of the financial assistance provided but also because of the transformative experiences it curated. From the 49 interns enrolled majority of them will fully complete their internship program by mid-November followed by other groups, which are expected to finalize their engagement by the end of December 2023.

This activity was implemented within the Kosovo Youth Participation – KYP project with the financial support of the Office of the European Union in Kosovo.