Handikos Gjakova sub-grantee of KYP project has closed out successfully the project “We Can Too”

In the city of Gjakova, Handikos Gjakovë implemented the project “We Can Too”, aiming to better the living conditions of individuals with disabilities by creating opportunities for them in society and creating avenues for employment. Their vision was to leverage innovative approaches to provide goods and services, ultimately fostering socio-economic progress and securing sustainability funds for their organizational services.

Handikos Gjakova hosted a Community-Based Rehabilitation Centre workshop to launch the initiative. This workshop has provided life skills to center employees and generated revenue by making and selling ornamental goods and orthopedic/assistive devices for people with disabilities.

Ten young people all facing different disabilities benefited directly. Among them, four were young girls, while six were young boys.  This group was selected for intense 3D plastic and wood digital printer training. One member was 15-18, another 18-25, and eight above 25 in this dynamic group. Participants were from Gjakova and nearby villages like Rogovë and Prush.

The undertaking achieved significant milestones:

  • Ten young people gained critical skills and knowledge in utilizing 3D printers and creating diverse decorative products, as well as vital components of assistive devices for people with disabilities.
  • A successful marketing campaign attracted the attention of local companies, establishing the groundwork for future collaborations and market penetration.
  • The workshop displayed a variety of products, from floral containers to clothing hangers, demonstrating their capacity for innovation and product diversification.
  • Notable businesses, such as “Dafina’s Perfume”, “Pasticeria Eranda”, “Pasticeria Rrafaelo”, and the restaurant “My House”, have expressed genuine interest in collaborating, indicating the project’s commercial viability and growth potential.

This activity was implemented within the Kosovo Youth Participation – KYP project with the financial support of the Office of the European Union in Kosovo.