Eight trainings were held on human rights, representation, advocacy, activism and youth mobilization

Over 200 youngsters/participants increased their capacities through two-day training on human rights, representation, advocacy, and mobilization. The participants of this training are young people from the cities of Deçan, Fushë Kosova, Gjakova, Junik, Obiliq, Peja, Rahovec, and Suhareka.

A total of eight two-day workshops were organized in the eight municipalities involved in the project in close cooperation with the Municipal Directorates of Education, high school students, various non-governmental youth organizations, and groups of young people interested in participating.

Throughout the training, young people learned more about the justice system in the country and analyzed technical issues for advocacy. While working directly with young people from these local communities, their capacities and awareness were raised on key human rights issues and participation, thus promoting their role in activism for social change and increasing the participation of disadvantaged youth in the processes of decision-making at the central and local levels.

By learning more about the division of powers and responsible local government institutions, the young people also identified their demands for improving life in their city. After these trainings, the young participants and others will discuss their needs in their community more deeply and thus ask local institutions for intervention. It will also provide an opportunity to form/strengthen small informal youth groups, which will carry out further activities in local communities.

During the months of December – January, young people from Rahovec will have the opportunity to find support for their idea from the KYP project with the amount of 1,000 EUR through the Open Call for Application for Local Actions and thus advocate for change.

For more details on how to apply for Local Action, please check the link: https://kyp-ks.com/call-for-local-actions/