EEM Group L.L.C small business in Obiliq/Obilić as a sub-grantee of the KYP project has offered Internship Opportunities for two young people

Between the periods 1 November 2022 and 30 June 2023, EEM Group L.L.C., as one of the sub-grantees of the Kosovo Youth Project – KYP has implemented the project “Accounting Office – Financial, Tax, and Accounting Services” and has achieved to engage two young people within the paid internship program and increase their capacities for easier access to the labor market.

Through the financial support of €8,000 distributed to EEM Group L.L.C from CARE, they made it possible to stay present with the latest developments in laws and technology in order to realize their vision by considering human resources critical for success and aim to have a young, certified, and professional team in the fields of accounting and IT. They have provided a variety of services, including implementing applicable tax laws as requested by regulatory bodies such as TAK and BRA.

Within 8 months of implementation, they hired two interns from the Obiliq/Obilić municipality (Altin and Verona). Both interns gained practical experience in accounting, information technology, and taxation.

EEM Group L.L.C has now successfully built cooperation with a large number of clients while maintaining company stability. This has also allowed them to compete for new clients. The first intern, who gained professional experience while working with clients, landed a one-year contract position with a local company.

This activity was implemented within the Kosovo Youth Participation – KYP project with the financial support of the Office of the European Union in Kosovo.